Honey Bee Fall Decorating Idea's Just for You!

Honey Bee Fall Decorating Ideas Just For You!

My Favorite time if Year is here... Autumn, I love it more than Donuts !!!!

So as a Designer I'm always asked for idea's so lets create a Fun, Festive, Elegant Autumn Atmosphere in and outside of your home.

I began simply with Fall colors that delight the senses. Start by adding Beautiful Oranges, Wonderful greens & natural straw colors simple & clean.

Next add some Garden lights, the simple white string lights on green chording are my favorite. As you can inter twine them in bushes, around trees and over doorways & along balcony's. This will make your home inviting look at for trick or treater's & neighborhood passerbyer's. Plus this heavenly look continues on into ThanksGiving & Christmas.

For inside & outside your home order the battery operated remote flicker candles in a variety of sizes. I go on Amazon for these as you get more for your money and no hassle with stores, plus free shipping if you have Prime. They have plastic ones for outdoors so they won't melt in the sun & wax ones for inside your home. I place them in glass lanterns, on book shelves on fire place mantles and tables.

The best part about these is you have instant ambiance at a click of a button without any fire hazard or large electric bill.

Next lets pick out some pumpkins & gourds I like to mix traditional Jack o' Lanterns pumpkins with the Fairy Tale Pumpkins & inner mix sweet little white & orange sugar pumpkins. Indian Corn is also a charming addition as well as tied wheat bouquets & if room permits dried corn stocks beside your front door.

This is always the fun part, visit your local Garden center & pick out some colorful mum plants. This time of year they have yellow's, red's oranges but my favorite is purple. These are a delight mixed with all the other fall color's plus they are perennials so they come back every year bigger & fuller. If your lucky they might also have cabbage plants in white & green & purple which lend well through Thanks Giving and into Christmas and can handle all the cold weather changes even snow. Rosemary trees and white cyclamen are also a welcomed and Rosemary is also a wonderful fresh herb to cook with during the Holiday's.

A few of these plants inner mixed in planter's are welcoming of the Season's change. If your hosting a Harvest or Halloween Party, Chalk board signs with Fall statement's on them, for example "Welcome Autumn & Friends" or beware warnings of "More Boo's Please!" Are also clever & simple Farm House idea's. 

I recommend making your own with a quart of black chalk board paint from Home Depot, a piece of smooth wood board or even paint on garden pots. 

What ever you decide to do have fun with it, this is a wonderful time of year that brings together family & friends & create's wonderful memories to cherish by everyone for years to come. 

Happy Autumn Friends !

Christine Santana

Written By: Christine Santana

Owner/Designer of Honey Bee Maison Couture

Hand Made in America with Love!